I like the color on this one, but the fuzziness bothers me a lot. The dog was tugging on his leash while I was taking this shot...

Okay, I cheated, it is actually rotated from reality, but I like it better this way. I was interested in the green stuff growing on mushrooms, sort of like decay on top of decay. All of Ruffner Mountain was covered in moss and all sorts of water-loving stuff. The altitude much trap extra water, because the plants here were much more North Alabama than most of Birmingham.

I just noticed that obnoxious leaf...

This one is only here to show you what I originally saw in the VF that attracted me to the subject.

That's better, but the stick reflection in the bokeh is distracting.

See what I meant about the decay on decay?

The colors on this plant attracted me. We've actually still got lots of low foliage that never made it off the trees.

Shy bluebird.

100% crop of above. ISO-800.

Now he's curious.

100% crop of above.

Two coloful birds in one frame.

There were dozens of cardinals in the area. There were several feeders around the nature center, and Mourning Doves, Cardinals, Bluebirds, Chickadees, and several smallish birds, including one slender reddish one, were feeding in the area. I also encountered yet another Downey Woodpecker.